Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.

Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
The Weaver, Oil on wood panel, 72.5cm x 66cm
An Interview with Joshua Waterhouse.

Who and where are you from?

I am originally from Northumberland, in the north east of England. I now live & work in London. My studio is based in Hackney Wick.  

How you got into this?

I have always wanted to be an artist, though it is only in recent years that I decided to focus predominantly on portraiture.  I studied Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art & Aberystwyth University. I also spent a year reading Art History at the Sorbonne in Paris. After leaving Edinburgh I was determined to become a children's book illustrator. That idea transformed slowly while studying at Aberystwyth. I was fortunate to be selected for a number of exhibitions in central London immediately after graduation, i.e. FBA Futures. This made the transition from university life to work life much easier. I have since exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in the BP Portrait Award and at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition. Both these exhibitions have played a large role in my desire to pursue a career in portraiture. 

What is your driving force?

A wish to always be developing, learning and improving my work. I find visiting certain galleries will reinforce this; a trip to the National Portrait Gallery or National Gallery say,  & seeing the work of certain painters reinforces the knowledge that to be an artist is a wonderful thing. 

What kind of work you do and why?

I am predominantly a portrait artist, though I have recently ventured into architectural watercolour & Islamic tessellation art. I paint in a way that is highly meticulous, producing portraits with a heightened sense of realism, where every surface detail is given equal consideration. I like to include still life elements in my paintings, which hint a the career / interests of the sitter. My style is largely inspired by artists of the Northern Renaissance. I love the attention to detail of certain artists like Holbein, and of course in his painting The Ambassadors with its inclusion of certain objects laden with significance. 

Due to the painstaking nature of my style, I work from reference photographs rather than paint/draw directly from life. My work is too time consuming to ask that my subjects sit still for days & weeks on end. This also allows me to work on a portrait with a fixed light source, enables me to zoom in & out of the more detailed elements and is extremely useful when dealing with people who are useless at sitting still!

Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, Acrylic on wood panel, 35cm x 47cm
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Allegra Dominguez, Graphite pencil on paper, 44cm x 64cm
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Christopher Lamb, Oil on wood panel, 40cm x 56cm
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Josephine, Oil on wood panel, 90cm diameter
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Professor Kevin Edge, Graphite pencil on paper, 52cm x 40cm
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Wakaimba, Oil on wood panel, 40.5cm x 61cm
Portraits by Joshua Waterhouse from England.
Self Portrait, Graphite pencil on paper, 35cm x 43cm
For more of Joshua Waterhouse Check the links below:

Website :- https://www.joshuawaterhouse.co.uk
Instagram :- https://www.instagram.com/joshuawaterhouse/

All Images are copyright by: Joshua Waterhouse

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